Leadership emerges everywhere…even The Treehouse!

As my sister and I sit at The Treehouse with our kiddos, an indoor children’s play place, I can’t help but ponder yet again about the correlations between parenting and leadership.

This post will validate the point, at least for me,  that there is no one right management style for every situation. The individuals,  the culture, and the situation keep managers and parents constantly on their toes.

My nephew is 18 months now and starting to enter the world of the terrible twos. This is the age when I say there is a need for a change in management style.

“Its time to take back the role of the boss!” Up until this age it’s about allowing your children to explore under your watch rather freely. I’d consider it an empowering kind of micromanagement. Now that their boundaries have become rather transparent and they see an opportunity to push their limits, the rein on their power trips must be brought in. My role as the parent of a three year old most certainly is disciplinary, micromanagement all the way. Empowerment is already embedded into her culture; now I’m trying to set some limits after a period of free rein!

What has been your experience as your children enter those terrible twos? Have you noticed a change in “management style”?  As I am just a new mom, how about those changes in management that have yet to occur as she continues to grow? This post seeks your feedback and comments on the topic!

Thanks for reading! I am really enjoying the world of blogging and certainly plan to continue to spontaneously make posts as the moment arises!


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