That itching, nagging thought or idea

We all know we have that one ounce of extra something in us that could truly drive us to our personal limits. That itching, nagging thought or idea that just excites your mind, making your blood pump and your palms sweat, that idea that is going to change the world! (Imagine a guy with his white dress shirt top couple buttons unbuttoned, megaphone in hand exclaiming those last three words. That’s what I picture.)  So, why don’t more people have their success story? Why do so many people tell that itching, nagging thought or idea to just go away?

Could it be that really we’re afraid of becoming successful?  Could it be that although it is just such a great and respectable goal it would require us to change?

A new schedule.  New commute routes to learn. New contacts to create. Starting from the bottom yet again. These are scary and daunting truths about change,  at least in your career.

I bet if I asked for a show of hands in a random audience of who’s self-sabotaged an opportunity or experience because of the fear of change that the number of hands raised would far underrepresent the minds of those chewing on something they’d rather keep to themselves.

What if even one of those people could become inspired enough to take the plunge and answer that itching, nagging idea or thought? Maybe the answer to the plastic grocery bag problem? Or, perhaps the training to become the world’s happiest flight attendant and travel the world? Or even the response to a call for a theological life?

Do you have a story to share?  Was your hand raised or did you keep it to yourself? Did you listen to that itching, nagging thought or idea and have success? Or even a flop? (They say the journey is just as important as the destination.)

So, what is the song in your head?

My first blog was inspired by a conversation with a friend about what walking through the doors each day does to her mood and psyche. It really got me thinking about how important that inner voice really is, which, sometimes, may have us reconsidering our entire existence.

So, this post goes out to you – what is your internal song? Does it change when you walk into work? What do you think your internal song says about your overall happiness in life and at work?

I ask, I must tell!

My life song was assigned by my girlfriend a couple years ago: Independent featuring Lil’ Boosie and Lil’ Phat. Click the link and see the video! I’m not sure I’d call myself a “broad” but do think the idea as a whole is about right 🙂

My work song is certainly Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue. Getting the teaching job here is truly a homecoming for me, as it is where I started as a student and truly feel that I have come full circle now on the other side of the classroom. 

I’d love to hear your internal songs! Jam on!